Month: January 2017

Melbourne Website Copywriter’s convert traffic into sales

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IS YOUR WEB TRAFFIC CONVERTING? Use a Melbourne Website Copywriter for results

“Traffic” you ask? Yes, “traffic”. Traffic (in the website sense) is the number of visitors to your website and the number of pages they view when they’re there.

But why should you care? You’ve got people to visit your site right? Wrong. Visits mean nothing if they don’t convert to an enquiry or sale. Worse still, visits to your site should never discourage conversion, or provide information that drives visitors to your competition.

Get to know a Melbourne Website Copywriter and get to know your traffic.

Tools like Google Analytics make it easy for you to understand how visitors use your site. But most importantly, the detail analytics provide can tell you if those visits convert to what you need…. an enquiry or sale. 

So what metrics should you care about?

At a minimum you should be considering:

  • Visits/Sessions. This is how many times users, new or returning, visited your site. It’s an easy way to assess the overall trends in traffic to your site.
  • Bounce rate. This represents the percentage of people who viewed your home page and left without taking any action. This is a great indicator of how compelling or relevant visitors found your content, and one metric you should really care about!
  • Active Time/Engagement Time. This is the amount of time people spent consuming your content during their visit. It helps you to understand if people are reading your content or just skimming and moving on.

Do these 2 simple things to make your traffic convert:

1. MAKE YOUR NAVIGATION LOGICAL Complex, illogical navigation can send visitors clicking…. off your site! Make your content easy to find, move around and action.


  • Try to be extraordinary! People like to see things they’re familiar with
  • Use navigation names/terms that mean nothing to your visitors
  • Fail to provide obvious instructions for visitors i.e. ”to buy, click here”, ”read more here” etc.)
  • Scatter your main navigation links around your website

2. CREATE GREAT CONTENT. Whatever your website is about, create engaging, informative and logical content that reflects your visitors needs. Not yours. If you can’t place yourself in the ‘objective seat’, find someone who can.


  • Say in many pages, what could be said in one
  • Fail to provide context for the information you’re supplying
  • Make your visitors confused with completely irrelevant information