You know your business. Freelance Writers know all the wrong words.

freelance Writer melbourne copywriterYou know your business. As a Freelance Writer, I know all the wrong words.

Your business is everything to you. You conceived it. You brought it to life. You know its soul, its niche, its heartbeat.

But it’s represented by a website full of out-dated copy. Old flyers with stories of a bygone era. Sales pitches that no longer convert. Product descriptions that don’t sparkle.

But you have content, and you don’t want to commission a full copywriting project from scratch.

Whatever stage your writing project is at, I can help.

Like a “copy doctor” I can take your writing project, at any stage, and make it well. I can re-work your draft or out-dated content and reinvigorate it to reflect your story today. If your budget is tight, a re-write of your existing, or draft content can get your writing delivering results.

Editing of your draft or out-dated copy can:

  • Address grammatical and spelling issues;
  • Strengthen terms of reference;
  • Improve readability;
  • Refine formatting;
  • Enhance the writing style;
  • Revise and check facts; and
  • Rewrite text as necessary.

Copywriters make light work of editing.

Better than a PA (or your tired business partner!), I come with years of writing, marketing, technical and editing experience. And let’s face it. as a Freelance Writer I know the words that work, and the words that quite simply, don’t. But even better than that? Copy editing of your existing content, at any stage of development can be great value.

  • Do you have out-dated copy?
  • Do you have draft copy that needs to be polished?

Call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 for a no obligation chat about your copy editing needs.

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