Grammar always matters when you’re a freelance writer in Melbourne

grammar matters freelance writer in MelbourneWhether it’s a text to your mum, or web content for your business, grammar can make a big difference when you’re a freelance writer in Melbourne.

‘Let’s eat Mum’ vs. ‘Let’s eat, Mum’ can see you chomping down on your Mum’s arm, or enjoying a bowl of spaghetti!

Grammar is the lifeline that allows us to express our thoughts, ideas and most importantly our intent! While we might get away with a poorly formatted text message, the communications we use in our day to day business are critical to building relationships and presenting ourselves in a way that is easy for others to understand.

So why should you care about your business grammar:

First impressions count. We all know that language, both spoken and written, is used to make judgements. Let’s face it, it’s very hard not to form an impression when we read sloppy spelling in an email, or poorly punctuated communication.

It can make saying what you need to say easier. Knowing about grammar helps us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear, interesting and precise. This makes your business communications easier to digest, and easier to act on.

We rely almost exclusively on written comms in business. Gone are the days of conducting business in person. Today, products and services are sold to the other side of the world, without ever speaking a word. With an increasing reliance on email, web content and electronic marketing material to tell your business’s story, the risk of getting it wrong is high.

Because it can be a deal breaker. Believe it or not, for some people, poorly constructed communications can be a deal breaker. If presented with two similar offerings, people are more likely to choose the one with easy to understand and presented communications.

Need help with your grammar?

Electronic comms, letters, proposals, documents and web content – in fact anything that customers or prospective customers outside your business will see, should be grammatically correct and well-composed.

It’s not about etiquette, or being ‘old-school’. It’s about communicating with CLARITY. With PURPOSE and most of all, with an INTENT that delivers on your objectives.

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