Melbourne copywriter says you are what you write with…

freelance copywriter melbourneThis Melbourne copywriter says you are what you write with. That makes me The Freelance Pencil.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your choice of writing instrument says about you? If one’s choice of writing tool is a predictor of personality – are you sharp and shiny? Or gnawed, broken and cap-less?

What your writing tool says about you.

  • HB Pencil with eraser: You’re a traditionalist. You fear making mistakes and you like to be prepared. The included eraser makes you feel safe about your words in an uncertain world. Being showy is not for you. But you’re very, very reliable.
  • Mechanical Pencil: You’re sharp, precise, and perfect for technical words. You’re not afraid of breaking lead at the most inopportune moments and the click-action speaks to your methodical approach.
  • Red Pencil: You’re a teacher. There’s no other reason to be wielding a red pencil. Ever. Do we understand each other?
  • The Free Pen: You lift them inconspicuously from hotel’s, banks and conferences. You consider a show-bag that contains a free pen a ‘score’. You rate free pens on weight, performance and longevity and will go out of your way to return to an institution that offers premium ‘free’ pens.
  • Bic Ballpoint Pen: You’re not particular. But you’re not cheap either. I mean, Bic pens are a step up from a free pen? You’re not scared of buying in bulk, or storing 23 spares. You sleep better at night knowing that losing a few pens to light-fingered colleagues won’t be the end of your writing days.
  • Fountain Pen: Ahh, the smoking jacket and velvet slippers of the writing instrument world. You favour class and you’re not afraid to show it. Ink leaks? They’re the hallmark of a “real” writer to you.
  • Feather Quill: You’re not afraid to fly outside the pack. The associated accoutrement makes your desk a veritable feast for the eye and the avid historian.
  • Stylus & Tablet: You have large clumsy thumbs. A sign you weren’t born in the 00’s! But you feel like you’ve found the holy grail, and you share your most recent “stylish stylus” with anyone who’ll listen. You’re not an environmentalist. But it looks like you are, and you’ll take that.
  • Keyboard: You’ve long forgotten the art of actually writing. You can’t even remember the last time you signed a cheque. Your new digital signature is deployed with just one keystroke. You’ve embraced technology and you’re not looking back.

So does The Freelance Pencil really use a pencil?

She does! With pencil in hand she can quickly take notes, jot down contact details, annotate typed content, proof print copy and strike a pensive, ‘thinking woman’ style pose.

This Freelance Pencil also embraces technology and can type at warp speed to ensure your copy is delivered on time – every time – and in a format you can use in a world that now accepts all writing instrument users.

Want to meet my pencil? Call me on 0418 530 585 and ask how I can help with your next copywriting project.

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