Everyone’s got a story…and more often than not, a very interesting one for this Port Melbourne copywriter…

story pencilsWriting copy for business is just one of the many things I do as a Port Melbourne copywriter. I also write a local magazine. 

For the last few years, I’ve been getting to know my local businesses. Despite being a resident of Port Melbourne for (too) many years, I learned just how little I really knew about the rich cultural history of Port Melbourne when I started to interview the locals for the ‘The Port Melbourne’ magazine.

Produced by the Port Melbourne Business Association, ‘The Port Melbourne’ magazine profiles the rich stories of Port’s business owners, old and new, and their connection to Port Melbourne.

So after writing the stories of so many people, what would I ask myself in an interview? 

The Freelance Pencil (TFP): So Nicola, what led you to copywriting?

Nicola: How much time have you got? My journey to The Freelance Pencil was actually a pretty convoluted one. A qualified Occupational Therapist, I started my working career in the Victorian Public Hospital system. Whilst I loved my clinical work, a few great opportunities led me to an administration role running a pilot program for the Department of Human Services. Fast forward quite a few years and I found myself working in pre-litigation dispute resolution – you can imagine the writing that was involved in that! Working in alternative dispute resolution and writing for CEO’s and Ministers was very much my ‘thing’ until I put the brakes on my corporate career in 2010. Writing for SME’s grew organically from a few old corporate contacts who heard I had some time on my hands.

TFP: The road from Occupational Therapist to freelance writer is an unusual one isn’t it?

Nicola: Occupational Therapy is a job dedicated to problem solving. So for me, my journey to writing makes a lot of sense. My whole career to date has been one of solving problems with creative solutions. The people who come to me for copy are looking to work out ‘how’ or ‘what’ to communicate to their audience. That’s just a problem looking to be solved with creative words.

TFP: Knowing what to write can’t be easy? Let’s face it, if everyone could do it, we wouldn’t need copywriters would we?

Nicola: I actually think everyone has a great story in them. The hardest part for business owners is understanding what part of their story is relevant to their audience. When you live and breathe your business everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually important to to the end user. I like to think I bring that perspective.

TFP: If you weren’t writing copy, what would you be doing?

Nicola: Probably reading, writing and watching documentary content on just about any subject I can get my hands on in a very warm and sunny location (most likely with a Pina colada in hand!). 

TFP: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve watched recently?

Nicola: The True Cost – A documentary on the global environmental and social impact of the ‘fast fashion’ industry.

TFP: Do you have a favourite type of client?

Nicola: I love working with clients who are as excited about what they do as I am. Passion is infectious and the best results come from clients who are truly invested in the process of creating great copy.

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