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Melbourne Website Copywriter’s convert traffic into sales

Website Copywriter Melbourne

IS YOUR WEB TRAFFIC CONVERTING? Use a Melbourne Website Copywriter for results

“Traffic” you ask? Yes, “traffic”. Traffic (in the website sense) is the number of visitors to your website and the number of pages they view when they’re there.

But why should you care? You’ve got people to visit your site right? Wrong. Visits mean nothing if they don’t convert to an enquiry or sale. Worse still, visits to your site should never discourage conversion, or provide information that drives visitors to your competition.

Get to know a Melbourne Website Copywriter and get to know your traffic.

Tools like Google Analytics make it easy for you to understand how visitors use your site. But most importantly, the detail analytics provide can tell you if those visits convert to what you need…. an enquiry or sale. 

So what metrics should you care about?

At a minimum you should be considering:

  • Visits/Sessions. This is how many times users, new or returning, visited your site. It’s an easy way to assess the overall trends in traffic to your site.
  • Bounce rate. This represents the percentage of people who viewed your home page and left without taking any action. This is a great indicator of how compelling or relevant visitors found your content, and one metric you should really care about!
  • Active Time/Engagement Time. This is the amount of time people spent consuming your content during their visit. It helps you to understand if people are reading your content or just skimming and moving on.

Do these 2 simple things to make your traffic convert:

1. MAKE YOUR NAVIGATION LOGICAL Complex, illogical navigation can send visitors clicking…. off your site! Make your content easy to find, move around and action.


  • Try to be extraordinary! People like to see things they’re familiar with
  • Use navigation names/terms that mean nothing to your visitors
  • Fail to provide obvious instructions for visitors i.e. ”to buy, click here”, ”read more here” etc.)
  • Scatter your main navigation links around your website

2. CREATE GREAT CONTENT. Whatever your website is about, create engaging, informative and logical content that reflects your visitors needs. Not yours. If you can’t place yourself in the ‘objective seat’, find someone who can.


  • Say in many pages, what could be said in one
  • Fail to provide context for the information you’re supplying
  • Make your visitors confused with completely irrelevant information

A Freelance Writer always has something to say about content marketing….

content marketing, freelance writer

Because while silence is golden, when you’re a writer, there’s always something to say…

2016 saw The Freelance Pencil take on a massive project for a client dedicated to hitting the market hard. An astute client who understands the value of content in driving their business, The Freelance Pencil was tasked with developing a complete content marketing strategy.

“Content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

What does a content marketing strategy involve?

Content marketing solutions are as unique as the businesses they serve. Limited only by the scope of your imagination (and the needs of your audience), a content marketing strategy might include:

  • Custom content written for you, in your own voice
  • Webpage content
  • Microsites
  • Social media content
  • Email newsletters
  • Copy for infographics, charts & graphics
  • Case studies
  • Curated content selected from relevant sources
  • Content for podcasts
  • Storytelling & blogging
  • Copy for videos
  • eBooks & white papers

Why should you care about content marketing?

Understanding why content marketing is important to your business means you understand the four stages of the buying cycle:

  1. Awareness. The customer may have a need, but they don’t all know there is a solution.
  2. Research. Once a customer is aware of the solution, they will educate themselves on their options and how each might meet their needs.
  3. Consideration. The point at which the customer starts comparing different products from different suppliers to ensure they’re getting a high quality product at a fair price.
  4. Buy. Finally, the customer makes their decision and converts their research into a purchase.
This four stage process requires content. Hight quality, targeted and engaging content that:
  • Identifies the problem;
  • Advertises the solution;
  • Demonstrates the benefits; and
  • Celebrates the purchase! 

So the message is simple. Businesses that ignore content marketing are damaging the value of their business.Every business, yes EVERY business with an online presence benefits from content marketing.

Is a content marketing strategy on your radar for 2017? Call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 to discuss your content needs today.

Have you heard the joke about the Port Melbourne Copywriter?

Port Melbourne CopywriterNever mind, it’s pointless…

But getting a Port Melbourne copywriter to power up your business isn’t…

Good copy can take your business further. How? By ensuring that it answers the questions your customers need.

A copywriter can bring ‘process’ to your business proposition – and address the questions you often miss. Think you know everything about your product or service offering?

Try asking yourself these 15 questions about your product or service:

  1. What does it do/deliver?
  2. What relevant facts, statistics or specifications should be known about it?
  3. What problem does it solve?
  4. What is new, different, better or unique about it?
  5. What can never be said or promised about it?
  6. Who is your competition and what are they saying about it?
  7. Is there a special history or unique story around it?
  8. What do people need to do to access it?
  9. How does it address people’s biggest concerns or fears?
  10. How will it help people get ahead or keep from falling behind?
  11. What desire does it appeal to?
  12. Has it been endorsed or received media coverage?
  13. What information or legals must be included to sell it?
  14. Does it have a guarantee and what are those terms?
  15. Do people want it?

If you haven’t considered these questions about your product or service offering, you may be missing the point – and missing customers.

Want to learn more about working with a Port Melbourne copywriter? Call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 and speak to me today.

Do you consider yourself a winner? An award application writer can get you across the line.

award application writerIf your business is doing something special – it’s time to sing about it. An award application writer can get you results.

Business awards are a great way for small businesses to get the recognition and attention they deserve. Aimed at recognising innovation, service and performance, small business awards are a great opportunity to promote what you do to a wider audience, while gaining some valuable exposure for the hard yards your business is putting in each and every day.

With no shortage of national and local opportunities for your business to be recognised – is it time for you to sing about the work you do?

National Small Business Awards:

  • The Anthill 30under30 Awards
  • Cool Company Awards
  • Australian Achiever Customer Service Awards
  • Australian Business Awards
  • Australian Customer Service Awards
  • Australian Export Awards
  • Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Family Business Awards
  • My Business Awards
  • Telstra Business Awards

The list above represents only a small sample of the awards available at a national level. But there are literally hundreds of local small business awards offered by industry leaders, local councils, business networks and organisations keen to promote the accolades of your business.

You don’t need to do all the hard work. You just need to want to win.

Have you seen an award you’d like to apply for? Has the application form looked overwhelming? Are you too busy being great to stop and write about it? Do you need a copywriter to win?

Finding winning words is my job.

A copywriter can maximise the chances of your submission making the cut by:

  • Assessing and interpreting the award requirements
  • Bringing an objectivity to your awards application
  • Ensuring your submission meets the selection criteria
  • Using compelling, winning language!
  • Framing your businesses best assets in a way that engages the selection panel
  • Integrating your written content into a single, seamless submission
  • Assisting you with any interview preparation

So if you think you’re a winner – now is the time to consider if a small business award is the right marketing strategy for your business.

Are you interested in applying for a small business award? Call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 and ask how I can help.

Copywriting for your email marketing strategy begins here.

copywriting for email marketing

Copywriting for your email marketing strategy begins with acknowledging that you take the time to read the email marketing emails that come into your inbox. So if you do, maybe your audience will take the time to read one from you?

If you’re in the business of selling goods or services, you need to start emailing. Regularly.

With research* showing that email continues to outperform all other forms of communication in the sales race, there’s never been a better time to consider your email comms strategy.

There’s good reason to get excited about email marketing:

  • 80% of people receive marketing messages alongside their personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of people use coupons or discounts they receive in an email.
  • 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.

So, if you’re yet to develop an email marketing strategy, or dropped the ball on the one you started (way back when!) you’re almost certainly missing out on the opportunity to sell your products or services.

Setting up an email platform (just like this one) is easy.With so many great online email services at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to get started. All you need is an email service (check out mailchimp.com!), a product or service, an email address and a comms plan to get on board.

If you’ve spent time reading this email, you know email marketing has potential.And it can work for you too. If I can write about copywriting every month, there’s every chance that there’s something to say about your business on a regular basis!

Need help emailing your audience? Call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 and ask how I can help.

*Conducted by Research Now, with WebStar Research, on behalf of ChoozOn Corporation

Melbourne copywriter says you are what you write with…

freelance copywriter melbourneThis Melbourne copywriter says you are what you write with. That makes me The Freelance Pencil.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your choice of writing instrument says about you? If one’s choice of writing tool is a predictor of personality – are you sharp and shiny? Or gnawed, broken and cap-less?

What your writing tool says about you.

  • HB Pencil with eraser: You’re a traditionalist. You fear making mistakes and you like to be prepared. The included eraser makes you feel safe about your words in an uncertain world. Being showy is not for you. But you’re very, very reliable.
  • Mechanical Pencil: You’re sharp, precise, and perfect for technical words. You’re not afraid of breaking lead at the most inopportune moments and the click-action speaks to your methodical approach.
  • Red Pencil: You’re a teacher. There’s no other reason to be wielding a red pencil. Ever. Do we understand each other?
  • The Free Pen: You lift them inconspicuously from hotel’s, banks and conferences. You consider a show-bag that contains a free pen a ‘score’. You rate free pens on weight, performance and longevity and will go out of your way to return to an institution that offers premium ‘free’ pens.
  • Bic Ballpoint Pen: You’re not particular. But you’re not cheap either. I mean, Bic pens are a step up from a free pen? You’re not scared of buying in bulk, or storing 23 spares. You sleep better at night knowing that losing a few pens to light-fingered colleagues won’t be the end of your writing days.
  • Fountain Pen: Ahh, the smoking jacket and velvet slippers of the writing instrument world. You favour class and you’re not afraid to show it. Ink leaks? They’re the hallmark of a “real” writer to you.
  • Feather Quill: You’re not afraid to fly outside the pack. The associated accoutrement makes your desk a veritable feast for the eye and the avid historian.
  • Stylus & Tablet: You have large clumsy thumbs. A sign you weren’t born in the 00’s! But you feel like you’ve found the holy grail, and you share your most recent “stylish stylus” with anyone who’ll listen. You’re not an environmentalist. But it looks like you are, and you’ll take that.
  • Keyboard: You’ve long forgotten the art of actually writing. You can’t even remember the last time you signed a cheque. Your new digital signature is deployed with just one keystroke. You’ve embraced technology and you’re not looking back.

So does The Freelance Pencil really use a pencil?

She does! With pencil in hand she can quickly take notes, jot down contact details, annotate typed content, proof print copy and strike a pensive, ‘thinking woman’ style pose.

This Freelance Pencil also embraces technology and can type at warp speed to ensure your copy is delivered on time – every time – and in a format you can use in a world that now accepts all writing instrument users.

Want to meet my pencil? Call me on 0418 530 585 and ask how I can help with your next copywriting project.

Walk the Talk with Melbourne Freelance Writing

Melbourne freelance writerI walk the talk. And you can too with Melbourne Freelance Writing

Every day I talk to my clients about the importance of having a story that is current, maintaining connections with customers and adding “fresh” content to their website.

But I don’t just talk about it. I do it. I add fresh content to my website every month, I communicate regularly with my audience, and I review and revise my website and business story every year. Continue reading “Walk the Talk with Melbourne Freelance Writing”

You know your business. Freelance Writers know all the wrong words.

freelance Writer melbourne copywriterYou know your business. As a Freelance Writer, I know all the wrong words.

Your business is everything to you. You conceived it. You brought it to life. You know its soul, its niche, its heartbeat.

But it’s represented by a website full of out-dated copy. Old flyers with stories of a bygone era. Sales pitches that no longer convert. Product descriptions that don’t sparkle.

But you have content, and you don’t want to commission a full copywriting project from scratch.

Continue reading “You know your business. Freelance Writers know all the wrong words.”

This freelance copywriter in Melbourne is more than just a pencil.

More than a freelance copywriter in MelbourneEvery business needs a freelance copywriter for that project, untapped market, new product coming down the pipeline, or audience that’s being neglected.

A good copywriter can find the words you’ve been searching for to bring your big plans to life. But I offer more than just words. I offer the perspective of your audience – an audience that doesn’t know you, or your business.

Continue reading “This freelance copywriter in Melbourne is more than just a pencil.”

Get a communication strategy that works… and deliver it on time, every time.

Communication strategy for your businessMake 2015 Your Year to Communicate…

Have you started every New Year with a:

  1. Promise to communicate more?
  2. Commitment to keep your customers up to date?
  3. Desire to share your success with audiences old and new?

It’s easier than you think to develop a solid plan for communicating information, issues, events and situations related to your business.

Continue reading “Get a communication strategy that works… and deliver it on time, every time.”