This freelance copywriter in Melbourne is more than just a pencil.

More than a freelance copywriter in MelbourneEvery business needs a freelance copywriter for that project, untapped market, new product coming down the pipeline, or audience that’s being neglected.

A good copywriter can find the words you’ve been searching for to bring your big plans to life. But I offer more than just words. I offer the perspective of your audience – an audience that doesn’t know you, or your business.

I write more than just words: 

  • I’ll offer you a fresh perspective. You know your business well, but do you know what’s really important about it?
  • I’ll make your big ideas, products or plans simple. Your audience needs less information than you think – and I know which content matters.
  • I’ll bring creative words and terms of reference to the project. You call it a hat. I call it a cap, cloche, bonnet or beanie.
  • I’ll turn chunks of copy into words that can be easily digested. I use attention grabbing headlines to break up your copy and make it easy to read – even at glance.
  • I’ll understand the importance of your brand personality. I bring copy to life with a unique personality that is all your own.
  • I’ll grow your business and audience. It’s simple. I choose words designed to sell.
  • I’ll save you time and money. I free you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Bring your business plans to life.

With one simple call, your big project can get out of your head and onto paper. And that’s one step closer to tapping into that market, releasing that product or communicating with your audience.

Give life to your business plans, call The Freelance Pencil on 0418 530 585 for a no obligation chat today.

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